Wednesday, July 30, 2008

my fairytale:

girl [1] boy [2]

...[ring, ring!]

1: hello.
2: what are u so scared of?
1: '_'...
2: do u even want to be in this?
1: ofcourse i do!
2: man, then why aren't u acting like it?
1: i don't want to loose you.
2: loose me. loose me to what?! its me! the same ME you've been friends with for 3 years.
1: we're starting to get too attatched...we can still stop her, an 'just be friends'.
2: see that's what u do. as soon as u start to feel something you run the other direction. i know you too well
1: i'm not running :'(..i just...
2: you just what?! did u think it was impossible for someone to actually love u? b/c i do.. why is it that everyone else can see it, & u refuse to?
1: I'm scared. my heart hurts..i can't move
2: I'll be right there..

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