Sunday, July 20, 2008

husband material....

an intellectual with street smarts and a vocabulary that would embarrass my intelligence. loyal to the streets but bestfriends with literature. he can wear his pants low but still take off his hat to meet my moms. many girls WANT him but only ONE has him. the young man who mustn't be told but a l r e a d y knows. thoughtful enough to realize the things that can make a girl smile the most cost ZERO dollars. realizes confidence is the sexiest accessory and ambition is a turn on. doesn't need his boys to validate his manhood and doesn't need pussy to validate his attractiveness/boost his status. challenges my faults because nobody else cares enough too. respectful, not just when it's convenient but because its embedded in his character! doesn't just say he's different but is actually Creme de la creme-creme of the crop. that type of shit doesn't need to be said. it just shows. from the way he carries himself to the respect he is given. a dude doesn't need to be the finest physically to be the SEXIEST in general.

OOO...and he can also eat ice cream, preferably Cold Stone's-cake batter..with rainbow sprinkles while watching Mighty Ducks 2 in sweats on a saturday night in!

I can always dream...till then i'mma need for these little boys to... SIT THEY BEHINDS DOWN!!!!

[sidebar:] my faithful commenter torrance stephens, which i appreciate so much... "i dont need a man syndrome" lOl, oh no, no, no. i will never claim to not need a man! and i don't believe the women whom say so either. nor do i believe there is a difference between, 'wanting a man' and 'needing a man'. i say this, because i'f you want a man, you would [hopefully] want him to fill in where it is you lack-he would then become a necessity. therefore, he is NEEDED!....the debate: now, there is, in my opinion, a difference between having a good man, and having a male around your premices! "I'm worth a lot" was posted as an example of not wanting just a male around my premices. do you feel there's a difference? and indepth, how do you really feel about the 'i don't need a man syndrome' ? =]


Anonymous said...

that goes hard!!

sorry i couldnt hear the song =[

but that went hard i like that!!!

i swear man if we dont get this tag team on the rise before you leave

ima cry

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

LOL, i wonder if i am hubby material?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

well i dont wear sagging pants but
these describe me to aq T lol
Sticks & stones

400th post

10 toes down

Dick ridin’ aint my thang

im a hustla - not

♥SjHarris said...

sry, i've been mia for a bit. i'll reading those suggested links as soon as i get to my home computer. i'm currently at work...hardly working haha.

.....i'll return soon