Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the high road.

some define stepping back into a world that you once knew as "taking a step back" I think it's a stride forward; looking back on yesterday, propels one's soul from today to tomorrow, and they would be prepared. and what's wrong with stepping back? we look so much into the future that we never see the past as it blind-sides us with all its belongings: strikes us with its irony and redundancy, and we sit dumb-found asking ourselves why we are subject to such actions. we have to go back! back to the feeling of new found knowledge that has always existed to the world, back to the adolescent feeling-not acting as one but feeling. feeling that it is more to this life that meets the eye. stepping back is not a step back. reflection, reflection cleans our soul and opens you eyes. so it is time to reflect. back to the basics. after all, the basics are the foundations for greatness.

i'm gonna keep climbin
till I see the top
i'm gonna keep drivin
though I may get lost
not gonna let you bring me down
i take the high road...

I get by
to be real
i can't keep it inside
i may fall sometimes
but I will survive
i'm gonna get by on the high road
yes, i will.

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