Saturday, May 10, 2008

top 10 things couples do wrong.

1. stupid secrets
withholding important info for fear of rejection

2. Stupid egotism
Asking not what u can do for the relationship but only what the
relationship can do for you

3. Stupid pettiness
Making a big deal out of the small stuff

4. Stupid power
Always trying to be in control

5. Stupid priorities
Consuming all your time and energies with work, hobbies, errands, and chores instead of focusing on you relationship

6. Stupid happiness
Seeking stimulation and assurance from all the wrong places to satisfy the immature need to feel good.

7.stupid excuses
Not being accounatble for bad behavior

8.Stupid liaisons
Not letting go of negatice attachments to friend and relatives who are damaging to your relationship

9. Stupid mismatch
Not knowing when to leave and cut your losses

10. Stupid breakups
Disconnecting for all the wrong reasons.

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