Friday, May 9, 2008

all about me.

About You
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5"6
Favorite Color: Purple
Screen Name: Sucha8osbabe
Favorite Band: I can't even begin to list my fav bands.
Favorite Movie: True Romance & Love jones.
Favorite Show: Gossip Girls
Your Hometown: SAC
Your Present Town: Mntry.
Your Grade: 2nd year of college
Your Style: sicker than your average

Have You Ever
Sat on your rooftop? haven't in a while, but use to be my favorite place.
Kissed someone in the rain? i've only dreamed....
Danced in a public place? far too many times
Smiled for no reason? there's always a reason, all the time.
Laughed so hard you cried? more than most
Peed your pants after age 8? ...i plead the 5th, rollercoaster got to me lOl
Written a song? a few
Sang to someone for no reason? always a reason to sing
Performed on a stage? a few times
Talked to someone you don't know? i look approachable, don't hate
Gone out of your way to befriend someone? more than I should
Made out in a theatre? nope-actually, what the H! haha
Gone roller skating since 8th grade? a few times, LOVE IT
Been in love? i've had a glimpse of love

Who was the last person to
Say HI to you? Gary
Tell you, I love you? my Mom
Kiss you? i don't kiss and tell, i'm a lady :)
Hug you? Jen.peeezzy
Tell you BYE? Gabby
Write you a note? Erin
Take your photo? Grace
Call your cell phone? Natalia
Buy you something? Katrina
Go with you to the movies? Mar :-D
Sing to you? my mom
Write a poem about you? hmm good question
Text message you? Cousin Brit
Touch you? Jen.peezzy

When/What's the last
Time you laughed? Talking to Gary
Time you cried? Today
Movie you watched? Baby momma
Joke you told? Who knows I'm always joking around
Song you've sang? Thank God I Found You (make it last forever) Mariah Carey ft. joe & Nas [super.THROWBACK!]
Time you've looked at the clock? right now 320a
Drink you've had? Super Food Odwalla
Number you've dialed? Natalia's
Book you've read? A Good Man is Hard to Find by Flannery O'Connor
Food you've eaten? PB&J
Flavor of gum chewed? Juicy Fruit
Shoes you've worn? black flats
Store you've been in? gosh, when's the last time i went to the... uh, Safeway
Thing you've said? "you better leave those drunken girls alone, nothing but trouble."

Can You
Write with both hands? sure.
Whistle? of course.
Blow a bubble? I'm a pro.
Roll your tounge in a circle? yeah, I'm a dork like that.
Cross your eyes? fersure, but it gives me a headache
Touch your tounge to your nose? not even c l o s e.
Dance? So I think I can dance :)
Gleek? I'm sure if I tried lOl
Stay up a whole night without sleep? Currently, idk why
Speak a different language? sorta kinda
Impersonate someone? I try, but I only have "one voice"
Prank call people? lOl those were the days
Make a card pyramid? so 2003
Cook anything? blacken chicken and alfredo-i know, i know GOT DOWN! ha

Finish The Line
If i were ... the walk, you'd be the talk
I wish ... it would happen already
So many people don't know that SUPER sensitive
I am ... thee most amazing person you'll ever meet!
My heart....has been ripped to pieces but my soul stays sewn, I came back twice as wise like a super engineered clone.

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