Sunday, June 1, 2008


Why are girls so complicated? Myself included. We constantly need to be reminded that he cares so we do little dumb things to make sure that he does. We try to make them jealous, say things just to get a reaction, and push their buttons all the time. Is it an insecurity thing? I guess so. If you're a girl, and you say you've never done any of this then you're lying. You know you've gotten wasted and hit him up in the middle of the night like "you don't care about me" lOl, and blamed everything you said on being drunk. You know you act out just to get his attention. You know you tell him unnecessary shit that he probably didn't need to know but you would get a rise out of him by telling him so you do. It's okay we all do it. For what?..That i seriously don't know!! I mean we're girls, it's what we do sometimes. Well I acted like a typical girl and got caught up in drama and technicalities. Complaining about the drama which isn't important, but instead the feelings behind it. Whether it's talking, being committed, or a full on relationship it shouldn't matter what you call it as long as you're happy where you are with the person you're with. I would've told this to him but he's currently not talking to me and I have to go to bed since I have work early in the morning, so this is my way of saying goodnight...

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