Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Have you seen me?

Name: Jessica "Left Side" Velasquez
DOB: August 25th
Ethnicity: mexican, Italian + a yard of MATT
Last Seen: being abducted by love and taken to a strange building surrounded by lane dividers and airplane runways somewhere in the bay area, supposedly heading to new york city.

If you live near a subway station, you may have a chance at spotting young Jessica. Please, if you see her Right Side. She has 6 beautiful children: sam, addy, kiwi, sonita, vodkacranberry, and TB, as well as a bestfriend, and family who miss her. Not to mention a grilled stuff extra jalapeno cheese burrito with complimentary cinnamon twist-that are getting cold. Jessica, if you're out there--come home! If this is about me stealing your gangster slippers, brown hat and cream sweater, we can work that out! =(


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