Thursday, April 10, 2008

o02. reflection.

our minds runn hourly...

everything is ass-backwards

p o t

time is unstopable

what is this "flow" you speak of?

apparently I should "go along with the flow", because maybe then-jus maybe, we'd be on the same page. Join in, I will as soon as I stop analyzing a rehearssed reaction and my initial thoughts are no longer secondary. But then I'd end up in angermanagment like the rest of these fees!!; two statments horribly placed together

one is n e v e r 'over it' persay

one is ALWAYS kept in the 'back-pocket'. yenno, for those bored days....this has gotten me in some trouble.

The state of purpose, is when two become one.

Equality is bullshit.

What they're really sayin is, 'one takes over, while the other looses their control.'

Kindness in my oppinion is thee most criticized virtue.

Morales are no longer valued.

What is this metophoric lifestyle you speak of?

Is it predetermined?

There's no such thing.

So how do we know, that in the end, situations will work out as they aought too?

Fact is, WE DON'T!

You jus have to have a little f a i t h, that's all you need.

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