Monday, April 21, 2008

Finally found myself. I

I promised myself no more games, just raw emotions from a 100 heart. I promised myself honesty in ALL cases, even if it means being honest to a fault. Humility over the past year has become my favorite word. Pride, no long lives here anymore-nor does FEAR or a closed heart. I promised myself never to forget those who have gotten me to thee happiest place in the world. The place of Self, where my skin is as thick as an allegators and where i can forget without regret, because I am able to forgive. And my shit stinks just like everyone elses, but you can't smell it because the bathroom is sprayed hourly by a maid with a refreshing sent made from French perfume just for me. Hopefully i've learned my lessons [but i'm only 20, I have a few more to go]....3rd times a charm?...we'll see.

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